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Rewrites the
rules of washing.
by reading
the fabrics

Dose the exact
amount of
Even without dosing.

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Low energy consumption
with inverter eco motor.

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Weighs the laundry and recommends the ideal amount of detergent.


Recognises the type of laundry by establishing textiles’ water absorption characteristics.


Determines how soiled your clothes are.


Reduces wrinkling and removes undesirable odours from fabrics.


Determines how much water will be needed for the wash cycle.


Measures water purity to ensure that no detergent residue remains in the laundry.

Multisense technology

Has a distinct fashion sense.
Just like you.

With its flair for fabric and machine care, the Grundig MultiSense Technology provides perfect control of washing parameters with smart sensors. These leads to satisfying cleaning results with optimum use of water, energy consuption and safety for your machine. Special sensors recognise types of textiles, load amount, soil level, and control required temperature, amount of water and spin speed . All of which is good for your clothes, machine and your peace of mind.

That leaves only one thing for you to worry about-what you are going to wear.

Pro dose technology

Dose the exact
amount of
Even without dosing.

Thanks to MultiSense Technology’s special sensors, ProDose Technology automatically determines the amount of laundry, the type of fabrics and the degree of soiling. Based on this information, the automatic dosing system precisely calculates the exact amount of liquid detergent and fabric softener needed for each cycle. All you have to do is fill up the detergent once and perfect washing results for the next 20 washing cycles are guaranteed.

In short, the GWN 59464 C is economical not only with detergent and water, but also with your time.

Inverter Eco Motor

Energy consumption so low, it needs a new energy efficiency rating.

The Inverter EcoMotor reduces power consumption to an absolute minimum – beating the best energy efficiency rating of A+++ by as much as a further 70%. This achievement is the result of a brushless design and variable-speed technology that works without friction. Not only does this innovative motor save energy, it also reduces noise levels to 45 dB for the main wash cycle. So it comes as no surprise that it’s our engineers’ pride and joy.


Beating the best A+++ rating
by another 70% when it comes to
energy efficiency


Not only efficient, but silent.
With only 45dB during the main
wash cycle.


Its brushless design allows
variable speed and works
without friction


Wool Protect

Thanks to its low-speed spin cycle and special algorithm, the programme prevents friction between the fibres of machine-washable woollens, protecting them from damage.

Stain Care

Easy handling of stains with a selection of stain removing programmes. The programme treats 24 different types of stain – coffee, tea, fruit juice, collar stain, salad dressing, mayonnaise, ketchup, make-up, blood, sweat, red wine, pudding, mud, meal, chocolate, grass, egg, baby food, machine oil, Coke, butter, jam, curry, coal.

Gentle Care

This ultra gentle wash programme and spin algorithm prolong the life of your most valuable and delicate clothes, preventing discolouration and fabric damage.

Intense Wet

Washing performance is increased while water consumption is decreased. A spray pump system that forces a detergent solution through dual nozzles onto the clothes effectively saves water. This sustainable technology ensures deep penetration of stains.

Water Protect +

A double-walled hose protects your home from damage. Water-absorbing material between the inner and outer hose instantly detects if the inner hose is broken and cuts off the water intake from the tap.

Optimum Glass Design

A sleek glass design improves your washing per- formance by enhancing interaction between laundry and drum.


Silent Mode

Omits spin cycles and cancels the main programme’s final spin – which can be set manually the next morning. The result is a silent, sleep-friendly environment after bedtime.

Steam refresh

Removes undesired odours with steam. The steam also reduces wrinkles, making ironing easier.

Aqua Perfect 40° / 40’

Spend more time with the people you love and still get perfectly clean clothes washed at 40°C in just 40 minutes.


With ist soundproofed S-shaped side walls, cabinet insulation, brushless motor technology, electronic unbalanced load control algorithm and new-generation shock absorbers, this machine reduces vibration and noise throughout the spin cycle.

Text LC Display

The electronic Text LC Display with Touch Control Buttons brings ergonomic benefits and ease of use to your home. It automatically recommends settings that ensure maximum water and energy efficiency, displays the temperature, soil level and load size.


Machine Care

A special programme for self-cleaning of the tub and drum ensures maximum hygiene. This prolongs the life of the washing machine.

Hygiene Care

Ensures 99.9% hygiene thanks to an Allergy Shield approved by Allergy UK. Its three-in-one action works by maintaining a constant temperature, applying additional drum movements and running a super rinse cycle.

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